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doodle3d firmware readme

d3dapi p=/network/scan r=GET

adding a 3D-printer to Doodle3D

notes @ DaVinci exhibition

bootscripts Doodle3D

Print3D already has scripts, that where created for the WiFi-Box. It seems to use inotifyd, I'm not sure if that is something we can reuse.

  • print3d_init. A init script that starts the print3d-manager as a deamon.
  • print3d-manager. Uses inotifyd to start print3d-new-device when a new device is connected.
  • print3d-new-device. Figures out whether to start print3d in a seemingly crude way. If appropriate it tries to start print3d-runner
  • Starts the print3d deamon.

Help system

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